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As any working parent can attest, self care is the first thing to fly out the window when life gets busy.  Trying to balance work, children’s activities, endless departures and arrivals in one day from the same garage door, cooking, shopping, doctors’ appointments, family commitments, volunteer work, blah blah blah, then it is midnight and you notice that your running shows are still in you hand bag!

One day, after I engaged in excessive whining and complaining about my exercise routine, my husband came up with a brilliant idea to make a room into our gym!  We save time, eliminate driving to the gym (thereby reducing our carbon foot print. Yes, must think green all the time!!!), can leave that day’s dinner on the stove cooking without interruptions and catch up with who ever happens to be on BBC all at the same time.

So the first week, in order to ease my way into it, I had coffee on the exercise bench in the mornings and switched to wine after 6 pm on at the same location.  Once my psyche approved the new environment, I chose to pass by and stare at it for another week (ruined the carbon foot print in the process by going to the gym a few times).

Then I was kindly reminded that money doesn’t grow on trees and one must practice some self-discipline, so I put on my fancy gym gear and headed to the ‘gym room’.  Below is a graphic description of what happens when I am in that room (please keep in mind I live with Oliver) and the situation got so bad that we now strictly use that room for sipping coffee or wine depending on the time of the day.  I am glad I kept my gym membership!


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