Seasonal Allergies


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This may not be my best photo yet, but I had to sacrifice my reputation to share and connect with you.  As you know I am half Beagle and sort of prone to seasonal allergies (you should have seen my predecessor Maggie.  That pure Beagle was only good at breaking sneezing records!).  In this picture, as you can sympathize with me, I have been ambushed by mom and dad to help clean my eyes!

I love spring and all the budding flowers and butterflies I eat when I can catch them, but my eyes suffer!  As luck has it, my human sister and Mom are the same.  So every year, in February Mom starts giving everyone who happens to be in the house local bee pollen (do not ask Dad for his opinion, Mom could hear and divorce him!) and our chamomile eye wash ritual begins when she hears more than 3 sneezes in the house.  As the season progresses, we move on to compresses with Silver Water Solution, Coconut Oil infusions, Honey-Water eye wash, Cold Cucumbers, Raw Potato eye patches, and sometimes Milk Soaked eye patches to relieve the eye itching thing!  All of these come with an instruction to my human sister.  “sit still for 5 minutes and close your eyes”. Why do these not work well for Betty??? BECAUSE I EAT THEM!

It really isn’t my fault.  You schlap little milk soaked patches on Betty’s eyes and leave her to rest.  What do you think I would do???  Don’t feel bad, I even try to lick my own eyeballs which keeps me busy for hours! Betty however ends up with OTC drugs by June!

With Love, Ollie


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