Oliver and the water of universe


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I wouldn’t call myself an expert in meditation or yoga, but I do try my best to be mindful when I do either one! So I have a little meditation spot in one of the rooms and try to meditate with the door open so my little girl can see it and learn by association. The downside of this however, is the foot traffic or paw traffic as is the case here.

When I am ready I start by lighting a candle, setting my intentions, breath deeply and hold a little bowl of water in

my hands (I would try wine but apparently that is not a common practice) and off I go. If you don’t meditate don’t get jealous, I barely have time to comb my hair, so this doesn’t happen very often!

On one occasion I took my little girl in the room, set us up, explained everything to her including the importance of water and that we should express gratitude to the Universe for our health.  The phone rang, I ran downstairs to turn it off to cut back on distractions and heard this screaming followed by crying.

Running up the stairs I was all in Mamma Bear mode trying to face a domestic disaster. My daughter kept crying and saying: “oh no, the Universe, the Universe.” Few minutes passed by before I could ask my then 6-year-old what the “Universe” had done to her. It turned out that Oliver decided to co-meditate with us and seeing that I was not in the room, helped himself to the meditation water bowl, which my daughter thought was a sacrificial offering to the universe so we wouldn’t die. With the water drank, my daughter was unsure if Oliver had drunk the Universe or our good health!

The lesson I learned from this??  Teach the 6-year-old deep breathing, and leave an extra dog water bowl on top of the low rising meditation table!


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