Hello!! My name is Oliver. I am a gorgeous black, Beagle/Springer Spaniel. I live in Canada, home of sun, snow, forests, bear poo and Hotdogs!

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Together with my Aussie Shepard / Jack Russel Sister, “Lexi”, we keep our parents and our human sister on their toes. We hope you like our adventures (well they are mine really; Lexi is still learning the ropes).

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When purchasing a book, t-shirt, toys or even a bookmark, 10% of our profits go to various Children and Animal Charities

- Paymaneh Ritchie
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I read Hello, My Name is Oliver to my middle grade class. Oliver is a hilarious dog and his owners are saints. There were many chuckles around the room as we heard about his escapades —like the time he chewed up several twenty dollar bills and then hid them in his bed.  The cover and illustrations are gorgeous. Nice to know that a portion of the profits are being donated to the SPCA and Beagle Freedom Project.

Gina McMurchy-Barber

Author of Free as a Bird and other novels
Gina McMurchy-Barber
Author of the Reading the Bones series and other books

Paymaneh Ritchie

Paymaneh Ritchie is an Author and Accomplished Artist residing in Vancouver Canada with her family and of course Oliver and Lexi

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